Snack Zone

Established since 2006, Snack Zone is a Indonesian Snack Outlet that sells a variety of Indonesian quality snack products and provides excellent customer service for customers. More than 150 Indonesian snack products are available in each Outlet, namely from the product category of Chips, Crackers, Peanuts, Savory, Oat NUts, Biscuits, Cookies, Preserved fruits untill traditional snack. With its new tagline of Thousand taste of Indonesia, Snack Zone offers a wide range of Indonesia snack products variety in each Outlet.


ZONA Snack & Crackers is an Indonesian Snack brand, established since year 2008, focussing on Quality, Innovative and Unique Snack Products. Our market goals since its beginning was for Export Market. We initially Export since 2008, and up to now ZONA has been exporting to 8 Countries such as America, Korea, Hongkong, and some other Countries. Our products consumed mainly by Indonesian people, and also some of local people in each Export destination country.

ZONA Snack & Crackers is Our Home Brand for Snack Zone Products that served Export Markets since 2008. We have been exporting to several export countries such as America, Canada, Korea and some other countries.

For further export enquiry, please contact and email to

Thousand Taste
Of Indonesia